You and I

You – The Calmness
I – The Madness

We are just the perfect mix of chaos and love.
You are not even the most charming man i have ever seen
Somehow your puppy eyes are kind of tolerable.

You are mostly the ‘The Wall’ with minimal to no expressions to my anger,frustration, over excitement or just when i want to drown my face in your chest.

You are just most imperfect picture of how i wanted my love to look like.
Sometimes i regret loving,meeting or being with you but then the next second
I miss you in the seconds between my heartbeat.

I’ve spent moonless nights thinking if its you that i want or want to live with.
mostly the answer is NO but if i let you go, I’d be losing on my Best Friend, my Biggest chearleader, my first sex and definately the last.

Even though you don’t make me feel All in love ALL the time, I’ll probably keep you, till we makeout for the last time,till our last kiss and our last day….


I thought however it goes, whatever it does to me
Love will always be enough…
But i see that not being enough now
We don’t say i love you often now,
we now talk less about small trips, date night, cuddles, kisses.
People may see us as forever but we know we might not stay.

The most fortunate part about loving is how capable it makes you.
I feel powerful
powerful of self love
powerful of leaving you
powerful of protecting me
Even if it means protecting me from US

He….he i think cannot find out the difference between Love and a Habit.
“What can i do?”, he asks

I mostly say nothing
But take me to street shoping
Smoke a cigarette because you don’t like that i am leaving
Show shopkeepers i am your girl
Talk rubbish
Rub my cheeks
Everything that you once did to win me.

I want to scream at him saying ‘STAY AWAY’
Just to find he hasn’t left.